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Ogarden Smart Rotating Hydroponic Indoor Garden


The Ogarden Smart Hydroponic Indoor Garden Is a Must Have for any Kitchen

No matter where you live, the Ogarden Smart garden makes an easy access herb garden for your kitchen.  It is quick, easy, fully automated gardening, and a beautiful design to match any setting.

The hydroponic indoor garden allows you to effortlessly grow the fresh produce your family enjoys easily accessed from the comfort of your home.  Your favorite fruits, veggies, or herbs are automatically watered in the rotating hydroponic garden.  Growth is stimulated by the automatic LED lights that simulate optimal sunlight all year long.

Grow up to 90 fruits, vegetables, or herbs organically with automated watering and low energy use.  Your kids will run home to see what has grown and marvel at the magic of nature.

Stop worrying about pests, hard labor, planting almanacs, and chemically treated foods. Downgrade your grocery basket and upgrade your home grown year round harvest no matter what the weather is outside.

Where to Buy the Ogarden Smart Hydroponic Indoor Garden

OGarden Smart Indoor Garden
OGarden Smart Indoor Garden
$745.00 $795.00

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