Omni 20+ Portable Qi Enabled Multi Device Charger Station

The Omni 20+ Charges Multiple Devices Including the Most Power Hungry USB-C Laptops

The multipurpose Omni 20+ powers your devices and provides a hub for file management through rapid, seamless data transfers without the need for multiple accessories.

Smart power readings on the OLED screen allow you to take control of your devices power needs,  the power output of the Omnicharge 20, as well as temperature readings.

Omnicharge 20 Portable Qi Enabled Multi Device Charger Station OLED Display

The portable wireless charger charges devices off of USB Type-A, Type-C, 120/230V AC, Qi wireless charging, and even a barrel DC port.

The pocket sized travel charger has an output of 100W over AC and DC barrel ports with 60W through USB-C and 18W through USB-A ports.

Forgot your charging cables at home?   No worries, the wireless Qi enabled charging offers 10W of power for a wide range of phones and other wireless accessories.

The Omnicharge multi device charger station is fully charged up in less than 3 hours.  But you don’t have to sit around and wait!

Omnicharge 20 Portable Qi Enabled Multi Device Charger Station

The portable charger comes with pass through charging capabilities that allow you to power your devices while the charger itself is recharging.

The charging abilities are almost endless.  You can charge laptops, portable gaming consoles, tablets, smartphones, cameras, and more all from this pocket sized power bank.

Omni 20+ Portable Qi Enabled Multi Device Charger Station

100W of charging power still not enough?  Check out the Omnicharge Ultimate that harnesses 38,400mAh and 150W of charging power.

Is Omnicharge Safe for Carry on Travel?

Yes! The Omnicharge packed 20,000mAh (71Wh) into the Omnicharge portable charger Li-ion battery which, although powerful, still falls below FAA’s limit of 100Wh.

How to charge Omnicharge 20

The Omnicharge can be charged by USB, car charger, AC wall power, or DC cable.

Plug in a wall charger to start charging the Omnicharge.  The Omnicharge 20+ can be charged with 120VAC/240Vac from anywhere in the world.

Once charging has started, turn on the Omnicharge and you can start charging your device with the pass through charging capability.

You can even use solar energy to charge your Omnicharge.  Most solar panels provide a USB outlet that is compatible with Omnicharge’s USB charging cable.

How to use Omnicharge

There are too many facets to this Omnicharge 20+ portable charger to explain everything, after all, it is the best multi device charger station in it’s class.

So instead, to make a long story short, , we provided this link to the Omnicharge 20 Manual.

How to Turn on Omnicharge Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging is simultaneously enabled anytime USB-A charging is turned ON.  To activate USB-A charging simply press the USB-A button.

You can also have this feature turned on by default by going to the menu and select the USB option.

Where to Buy the Omnicharge 20+ Portable Charger

Omnicharge Omni 20+ Multi Device Charger Station
Omnicharge Omni 20+ Multi Device Charger Station
It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of power ports.

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