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Omnishelf Computer Workstation Is A 2 in 1 Portable Desk & Briefcase

The Omnishelf Computer Workstation Easily Transforms From a Briefcase to a Magnetically Mountable Portable Desk

With the Omnishelf computer workstation, you can have a durable and dependable work surface anywhere in the field.  If you have done any outside work, there are few good choices to place your tools while leaving your hands free to get the job done.

You can mount the portable work desk on virtually any smooth surface magnetically or with optional industrial strength suction cups.  Temporarily store most tools, loose nuts and bolts, or work from your laptop while your in less than convenient conditions.

The Omnishelf computer workstation mounts to metal surfaces such as the body of your truck, industrial walls, or machinery with a smooth surface.  You can even mount it on glass windows keeping your hands free at any job site.

But, the magnets ain’t just for mountin’.  In addition to the three large magnets on the backside, you will find there are 4 rare earth magnets on the inside of the transformable briefcase to hold tools, metal parts, or your phone.

Moreover, there is a place to keep your paperwork protected, and a mouse pad that doubles as a smooth desk top for completing your work orders or invoices.

The Omnishelf durability comes through the hexagonal supports that reinforce the walls and the steel cables that keep the shelf at a 90° angle.

The portable workstation holds up to 40 lbs of gear for independant contractors, DIYers, and anyone in the field of construction or maintenance.

Where to Buy the Omnishelf Computer Workstation

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