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ONELINK The Ultimate Cable That Connects Nintendo Switch To TV


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ONELINK Powers and Charges Multiple Devices and Connects Nintendo Switch to a TV Without a Dock.

The ONELINK USB-C to HDMI adapter cable connects a Mac, PC, iPad, Android, Laptop, and even a Nintendo Switch to TV or monitor.

This one cable replaces your NS dock making it extremely portable and allowing you to connect a Switch to a TV without a dock.

For gamers on the go, portability has been an issue with the Nintendo Switch.  Docks and accessories are clunky, time consuming, and not ideal for on the go gaming.

Well, that is an issue of the past.  This HDMI cable lets you access your TV or monitor display with one cable that lets you roll up and go.

Docks, drivers, or power adapters are no longer needed.  The Nintendo Switch to TV cable handles it all for you.

How to Connect Switch To TV Without a Dock

The process of connecting a Switch to TV without a dock is now as easy as plugging the USB-C plug into your switch and then plugging the HDMI cable into the TV. 

When your done you can drop into the field of battle regardless of your display gear or location.

Onelink The Ultimate Cable That Connects Nintendo Switch To Tv


Play or work on any screen wherever you are regardless of your device.  The PD power port supports up to 100W of fast charging power for any Mac, PC, iPad, Android, or Laptop, while transmitting video to the display.

The USB-C to HDMI cable uses a dual chip to enhance compatibility and screen stability between devices.

Where to Buy the ONELINK USB-C to HDMI Cable

Onelink Usb-C To Hdmi Cable For Nintendo Switch And More
ONELINK USB-C to HDMI Cable For Nintendo Switch And More
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$19.99 $29.99
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