OPEONGO Aerial A1 Tree Tent Elevates Camping To New Heights

The Aerial A1 Tree Tent is a versatile camping shelter suspended by a slackline system with a supportive flat sleeping surface.

There are many versions of hanging tents and camping hammocks that have been on the market for awhile.

OPEONGO is revolutionizing the suspended camping experience with the Aerial A1 Tree tent in the unique form of a tent & hammock hybrid camping shelter system.

What sets the Aerial A1 Tree Tent above the competition is its exceptional comfort and stability.

The elevated hammock tent hybrid is equipped with a horizontal sleeping surface that provides the support and comfort the forest ground cannot.

OPEONGO Aerial A1 Tree Tent

With the flat sleeping surface you can sleep in virtually any position you prefer and its durability is equivalent to a high quality cot.

Dependable four point suspension support is rendered through the high tensile webbing straps that are easily wrapped around a tree and pulling them back from both sides of the trunk.

The tension created and two spreader bars we are able to create a sturdy, comfortable platform for outdoor leisure.

Accessing and packing your camping gear is also infinitely more convenient and within arms reach with the suspended camping tent.

The versatile component to the Aerial A1 Tree Tent is that it is adaptable to any environment.

OPEONGO Aerial A1 Tent

No more looking for level or dry ground!  No you can camp on hillsides with beautiful views, over rocks, creeks, mud and even rivers!

You really don’t even need trees to take advantage of the Aerial A1 Tents versatility. 

The hammock tent hybrid can be set up on any ground you wish, even wet ground.

When set up on terra firma, the tents seam sealed 5″ high tub floor with two 17″ vestibules will prevent you from being exposed to the rainy run off.

Want to suspend from trees but don’t have the reach? Pull up near a tree and use your vehicle for the second suspension point.

OPEONGO Aerial A1 Tree Tent

This lightweight suspendible camping system is extremely comfortable, versatile, and simple to set up.

It is a must have camping shelter for any real campers!

The OPEONGO Aerial A1 Tent is a hot selling item exceeding manufacturing capabilities, at times.

Act now and you can take advantage of the new pre-orders available now at Opeongo.camp!

Where to buy the Aerial A1 Tent

Aerial A1 Tent
Aerial A1 Tent
Get off the ground with the Aerial A1 Tree Tent

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