Optical Illusion Art That Makes Your Head Explode


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Optical Illusion Art Can Come in Many Forms

Optical illusion art, also known as Op Art, is an artistic style that intentionally takes advantage of human perception.  By doing so, it reveals the human eye’s ability to deceive the brain.  Op Art in essence gives you three options of appreciation, the illusion of the art, the truth of the art, or the entire work.

There are three types of optical illusion art, they are physiological, cognitive and literal illusions.  All three have the same result for the viewer, what you see does not measure up and your brain is seemingly forced to look deeper.

Some optical illusion art can be mind-bending and others have subtle characteristics that make a huge difference in their presentation.  Below you will find some mind-bending art anyone can enjoy.

Tribue To Escher by Britta Godde

This Tribue To Escher is done by Britta Glodde, a digital artist from Germany.  This optical illusion art shows figures climbing upright stairs and walking down inverted stairs.

In addition, you will find a back wall that dubs as a patio near a vertical swimming pool with swimmers swimming along the wall.

There is also a rotating doorway with someone standing in the opening.  Finally, there is a reversed checkered letter “E” in her salute to the great artist MC Escher.

Tribute To Escher By Britta Godde
Tribute to Escher by Britta Godde

HyperDrive Canvas Set

The Hyber Drive canvas is a modern take on optical illusions.  This piece with a cyberpunk flair travels through space and time at the speed of light.  This optical illusion art is a great wall piece for any game room or man cave for techies.

There are a ton of options with this piece from a number of panels to several sizes for each package, in addition to framing options.

Hyperdrive Canvas Set
Hyperdrive Canvas Set
Pricing varies on number of panels, sizing, and frame options.

Sisyphus Goes

Sisyphus Goes is a perceptual depiction of a man pushing a stone up an infinite staircase.  The original is a piece by MC Escher.

Escher is a world-famous graphic artist and was one among over 2000 images in his collection.  Apart from being a graphic artist, Escher illustrated books, and designed tapestries, stamps, and murals.

This optical illusion art is available in 24″ x 16″ up to 60″ x 40″ dimensions with several options in between.

Sisyphus Goes
Sisyphus Goes
Pricing Depends on Framing and Size

Orange Mandarin by David Letchford

Orange Mandarin is less dependent on the paint or ink to bring the illusion.  The continuation of David Letchford’s 3D paintings relies on adding uniquely shaped wood that gives the illusion of the bird coming out of the painting.

The paint is softly blended into the wood that is sanded and coated to bring out the natural look of the wood.  David left no doubt this is a unique piece and a great decor in an adequate setting.

The result of his efforts is a truly unique piece of optical illusion art.

Orange Mandarin 3D Painting By David Letchford
Orange Mandarin 3D Painting by David Letchford

Masters of Deception bay Al Seckel

Masters of Deception is a paperback book that covers a wide range of optical illusion art.  The book not only focuses on the artists mentioned in the title but also, on a wide variety of artists that were inspired by their work.

In this book, you will find representations of Op Art, nontraditional portraits, commercial artwork, and sculptors based on some famous works.

The full-page reproductions display the possibilities of optical illusion art as well as let the artwork speak more for itself than the author.

If you haven’t yet decided on the optical illusion art that fits you, this is a great purchase to do some more investigating.

Masters Of Deception: Escher, Dalí &Amp; The Artists Of Optical Illusion
Masters of Deception: Escher, Dalí & the Artists of Optical Illusion
All pricing current at time of posting.

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