Optical Illusion Art That Makes Your Head Explode


These optical illusion art gift ideas will have your mind twisting.

The 18″ x 15″ 3D Wolfe Connection framed print really has to be seen in person to have a full appreciation for the depth.  You will want to reach out to pet the wolf as your mind and eyes fool you.  The 3d optical illusion can been seen from every angle as you watch the image change with your movement.  This print comes wrapped in a beautiful dark wood frame adding to the affect.

Old Couple or Musician is a classic by Salvador Dali, a Spanish surrealist, that will keep you wondering through his perception through illusion painting from the 1930s.  Slavador began his painting career at a young age. He painted the original to this print when he was 27 years old.  His artistic inspiration came from the likes of Picasso, Magritte,and Miro when he moved to France.  This print comes as a 19″ x 14″ print.


Sisyphus Goes is a perceptual depiction of a man pushing a stone up an infinite stair case.  The original is a piece by MC Escher. Escher is one of the most world famous graphic artists, and was one among over 2000 images in his collection.  Apart from being a graphic artist, Escher illustrated books, designed tapestries, stamps, and murals.  Get this one in 18″x12″, 24″x16″, or 48″x32″ dimensions.

If you love oil paintings, you will love the 3d optical effects of this hand painted art of a couple walking in the rain by Baccow Art.  The use of a palette knife with thick and bold strokes will give you a unique 3D feeling and variety of other effects.  It takes a very talented artist to paint with a palette knife and create textured effects while maintaining the refined details.  Click the link to choose between 6 various dimensions.


If you haven’t found anything in your niche as of yet, this book is AMAZING!  Inside the confines of The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions is a collection of hundreds of the world’s most effectual optical illusion art.  The book makes a great resource if you have not yet found the right piece.  It’s also a great gift for those who love the hobby of finding all of the mind bending illusions in each twist and turn.  Every perception is astonishing whether you are viewing it from above or below.

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