Ostrich Pillow Power Nap Pillow For A Bury Your Head Level Nap


The Official Ostrich Pillow is a Great Option for a Power Nap When Your Spent and Just Want to Bury Your Head (in the Sand).

The virally popular official Ostrich Pillow power nap pillow can, literally and figuratively, immerse you into a revitalizing power nap to get you through your day.  The cushioned shrouding travel pillow is designed to feel a cocooning effect and assist in disconnecting from your surroundings.

The opening in front allows you to breath comfortably from any position (Unless you literally bury your head in the sand).  The two openings on the top of the pillow allow you to keep your hands warm and snug while you sleep.

The original Ostrich Pillow can literally be used ANYWHERE as you can see by the pics.  Use it while you are waiting to bored a flight, while you travel in a vehicle, or at home.  If you are the claustrophobic type, no worries, it is very soft and can be used as a lounge pillow.

For those three people whose boss lets them sleep at work, you can don your cranial cushion and sleep off the stress.  Just tell your boss it increases productivity AFTER you get your nap.

If you are not a bury your head kind of sleeper, check out the Ostrich Pillow Go Travel memory foam neck support pillow on Amazon.

Where to Buy the original Ostrich Pillow Power Nap Pillow

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