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Outdoor Sauna Kit With Panoramic View Also Works Indoors


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Turn Your Home Into a Relaxing Staycation With This Indoor / Outdoor Sauna Kit by Aleko

It is well established that saunas improve mental and physical health.  This Indoor / Outdoor Sauna Kit can improve your home life or make your vacation home that much more luxurious.  It fits seven of your family or friends and provides all of the self-indulgent and health benefits of a traditional sauna only more affordable.  Plus, it is much better than wrapping yourself in this.

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Set up the outdoor sauna kit and the enjoy its fashionable barrel design with panoramic view of the outdoors.  The interior bench maximizes the interior space to the edge of its dome.  The clear transparent dome provides for beautiful panoramic views while sealed at the entrance with a tempered glass door.

The barrel design minimizes wasted space while the interior maximizes the efficiency with a bench that rounds the dome end for over 180 degrees of beautiful scenery.

The electric powered heater with heated rocks provide a dry or wet heat when you use the included bucket and scoop for water dousing.

Each indoor / outdoor sauna kit comes complete with everything you need for immediate use. Included are a 9 kW heater and stones, a touch screen control panel, lamps, hygrometer, a tempered glass door with a wooden handle, and a wooden bucket and scoop.

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