Outlaw Gunpowder Cologne Is Brazen, Mysterious, & Manly


Warning:  This Outlaw Gunpowder Cologne isn't for everyone.

However, if you are a scuffed leather, dirt kickin', tobacco spittin', gut-check kind of roughneck, you may be a good fit for the Outlaw gunpowder cologne, appropriately named, Blazing Saddles.  Maybe, you're the quiet, stubble growing, gun totin', hard case, who means what he says.  Well, this just may be the solid cologne for you.

The Outlaw gunpowder cologne carries the scent of a long journey on the trail, full of the scent of gunpowder, campfires, leather, sagebrush, and sandalwood. It comes in a convenient pocket round for an as needed refresher.  The scent is not over powering but has a bold enough aura to turn noses in a good way.

If your into smelling like the beach or a fresh breeze, you probably need to look elsewhere.  This is a different scent altogether.  If you are looking for a new addition to amp up your manhood, it is definitely worth a shot.  If you are familiar with rugged smells you will immediately recognize the black powder gunpowder, sagebrush and leather.

Once you don this solid cologne, you will feel like your riding into town on horseback, and you may start whistling the theme to A Fist Full of Dollars.  Then, you'll be the outlaw that cowboys write songs about.

Here is what some helpful cow pokes are saying about the Outlaw gunpowder cologne:

"This is some gooooood smelling cologne. As advertised we can smell the leather and gunpowder. It's a clean, woodsy scent my husband likes and so do I. My husband had never heard of solid cologne, so besides being please with the scent he learned something too! Thanks guys for a safe non-animal tested product." - Vicki C.

"This is a new age scent with a old times twist. A cologne that you use like a salve or texture hair product for when you go out. Slap it in a backpack, open the can lid, gently glide fingers across salve, and apply to desired area. I suggest the next, behind the ears or just a light application on the forearms.

Unlike cologne, this doesn't give you a musk, or an overpowering obnoxious smell. You can walk care free into a room without the worry of people breathing and without breaking the bank. Instead of killing the crowd with scent, hit them with finesse, western style. This isn't your parents cologne; this is your ancestors salve of appeal.

Much like the [outlaw gunpowder cologne], the product supports a team of people, all specialists in the law and order of the scent world. Sometimes to look forward, we got to look back, and these outlaws have brought an old school style of cologne to 2019. Allow for these specialists do the thinking for you, so you don't have too. If you want the product to have more gunpowder/campfire smell, just simply ask and these people will make your very own UNIQUE can." - Dustin Zachary Taylor

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