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Paranormal Music Box May Conjur The Spirits Of Disco Past


The Paranormal Music Box is a Fun, yet, Creepy Music Box Built Like a Coffin.

Ok, so the Paranormal Music Box, or PMB, may not conjure the spirit of Joni Sledge by playing the 1979 Hit Song “We Are Family.”

But, according to the sellers it is very effective in detecting paranormal activity.

The Paranormal Music Box is uniquely designed with modern technology, a classic vintage music box look, and a twist of steampunk styling.

Each box is handcrafted with a wood center and aluminum slats on top and bottom.

How Paranormal Music Boxes Work

This ghost detecting music box is designed as a trigger sensor that sends out low ultrasonic pulses which bounce back much like radar waves.

First, calibrate the music box by placing it within 10 feet of a solid object.

When the unsuspecting poltergeist passes through the sound pulses the music box activates by playing creepy music and lighting up the blue light on the ghost detector.

When you are ready to monitor another location, the Paranormal Music Box will recalibrate in 3-5 seconds.

Just remember anything that passes through the ultrasonic waves will initiate the box.

So, spoiler alert, no your cat is not possessed if it activates the music box and a ghost did not pass through you if you penetrate the ultrasonic wave pattern.

While your waiting for the music box to be activated, snack on this Giant Ghosbuster’s Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.

Does the Paranormal Music Box Really Detect Paranormal Activity?

According to the video, the Ghost Adventures Crew of Ghost Augustine Ltd Co used it with some pretty fascinating results.

It has also been used successfully to detect supernatural phenomenon occurring in the  Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany New York most recently.

So, this is more of a ghost hunting tool rather than a toy.  But, if you feel you are being visited it may well be a good investment.

If your not, it makes a great conversation piece and an awesome tool just in case.

Where to Buy the Paranormal Music Box

Paranormal Music Box By ParaForce
Paranormal Music Box By ParaForce

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