Perfect Bake App & Smart Scale


Bake easy, fast, and foolproof with the Perfect Bake App & Kitchen Scale.

Choose from the 300+ chef approved recipes on the app or add your own.  Once you begin, just pour and mix.  Poured too much?  Don’t try to stuff the egg back into the shell.  The Perfect Bake App, in coordination with the scale, will automatically adjust the recipe to make it right.  Generate a list of shopping items straight from the app or use the pantry feature to make recipes from the items you already have.  This is the kitchen tool you will soon not want to be without.  Makes a great gift for the home.

Here is what one helpful customer had to say:

“This is a very cool device with an easy to use app – and I was delighted to find that it even comes with a few gluten free recipes included in the recipe guides. There’s also an additional app for making cocktails that works the same way. My one major disappointment is that I hoped the scale would display the weight on it like a normal scale and not just through the app, but there’s no direct display on the scale.” – A. Bird


What do you use for more accurate baking?

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