Perfect Bake App & Smart Scale


Bake easy, fast, and foolproof with the Perfect Bake App & Kitchen Scale.

Choose from the 300+ chef approved recipes on the app or add your own.  Once you begin, just pour and mix.  Poured too much?  Don’t try to stuff the egg back into the shell. 

The Perfect Bake App, in coordination with the scale, will automatically adjust the recipe to make it right.  Generate a list of shopping items straight from the app or use the pantry feature to make recipes from the items you already have. 

This is the kitchen tool you will soon not want to be without.  Makes a great gift for the home.

Where to Buy the Perfect Bake App & Smart Scale

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  1. Joston Da Grava at

    I bought this for my wife who USED to consider herself a “baker”. With this device, however, she is being recognized by anyone who has enjoyed her baked goods as the go-to person when it comes to baking. I am her glorified assistant so I feel like my review holds some water. Here we go:Scale: Small enough to store away easily and rugged enough to handle a few dropped bowls. Super accurate (makes 30 measurements a second I think). Built in speaker is plenty loud. Set-up and clean-up is a breeze.App: Very user-friendly and doesn’t take up a ton of memory. Directions are easy to follow. Icons are vibrant and easy to recognize. Pantry feature works perfectly! Portioning feature is early spoken about but incredibly helpful to get even sized cookies, cupcakes, etc. Haven’t tried it with a smart phone because the tablet version is just perfect.Results: So far we’ve made chocolate chip muffins, double chocolate chip peanut butter muffins, blueberry coffee cake, snickerdoodles, pecan sandies, and a three layer Devil’s Food cake with chocolate ganoche. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was spot on delicious.Verdict: I will never stop promoting this product. My wife claims she will only bake with the Perfect Bake until it does and then she will buy another one. We are purchasing the Perfect Drink soon to try it out as well. Only complaint…. The scale for the baking app will not work with the drinking app. Other than that, bravissimo!

  2. I love this product. Great recipes and they aren’t just desserts. The measurements are very accurate. Unfortunately presentation of the final products has to do with skill level in executing the techniques and your equipment but I’m learning and thanks to this product I’m getting better. I also recommend the Drop scale for more recipes and the orange chef prep pad for accurate nutritional information.

  3. Just received this today, and so far so good! My daughter is interested in cooking and baking but finds it hard to follow regular recipes, especially when it comes to measuring. She has made a couple things so far and she said they both came out great! I think she is having more fun using it than she is eating what she makes. If you are an experienced baker then you wont have much use for this, but if you are new to baking or want a little bit of help then this is a great option. I browsed through the recipes and there’s so many options, you will have plenty to choose from!

  4. I used the app and the scale to make a batch of gingersnaps and they came out really well! I appreciate the fact that you can adjust the recipes in the app to make a smaller or larger batch without having to deal with weird conversions as it is all done for you and based on weight. The scale seemed to be a bit sensitive when it came to smaller measurements but after extended use I got the hang of it. It’s a really easy way to bake!

  5. David Rawlins at

    Got this for my Granddaughter .She looked at it with ?’s in her eyes! Then she caught the idea of it. That night we had Key LIME PIE. ….. and was it ever Good!

  6. Oh my gosh this gadget is fantastic!If you work in a large food service operation/bakery, you already know that chefs working in this type of environment use weight to measure nearly everything — it is the only way to know that you are not overpacking a measuring cup (or likewise, not seeing a “bubble” in a cup of flour). The recipes on the app are spot-on and I’ve made some things that are out of this world tasty.I know that the later (and more expensive) versions of this product feature better interfaces (i.e. bluetooth, wireless, etc), but I have had no problem with the wired connection — I even have an iPhone 7 and have to use the dongle with lightning port and have had no troubles. The Perfect Bake app is fun to use — and has tons of recipes. I have not yet converted my own recipes but plan to do so soon. As an added bonus, I was able to download and use the Perfect Drink and Perfect Blend apps too — which makes this product very useful for making mixed drinks and smoothies.I am very impressed with the capacity of the scale (11 pounds!) and have even used the scale without the phone as a kitchen scale. It is my understanding that the manufacturer has discontinued this model, but it is still a very good product and you can’t beat the price. I was prepared to pay quaduple what I paid after seeing this product at a local kitchen store.

  7. Oh how we love this set of scales and apps, VERY easy to use my 10 yr old grandaughter can use it! Hundreds of recipes to play around with and if you don’t have the proper ingredients then the app will find recipes for the ingredients you have listed! Absolutely genius design.

  8. Hilda Ogden at

    Great scales! To be honest the whole app thing is a bit of a gimmick, i deketed it the same day, but the scales are great. It weighs very accurately and the bowls are brilliant. Great that it all stacks together neatly. Really good for the price.

  9. These are great, slightly larger scale than I am used to, but the bowls that come with it, fit perfectly. They so far seem to weigh very accurately, the bowls are well made, (quite bright!) and the added touch of the pouring spout is a welcome addition. I plugged (with attached cable that has a holder to keep it secure and out of the way when not in use.) into my ipad, downloaded the app and I was ready to bake! I have not used the app to see its capabilities yet, but that’s on this weeks to do list, so far I think these are a great buy and I would recommend them.

  10. Great little scale 🙂 does the job so far . Quality looks good to me and the three plastic bowls in themselves are a right bonus ! Not tried the app yet but you can use it without anyway.

  11. Natasha Fyfe at

    Great set of scales, brought for cooking at school. Would highly recommend.

  12. Scale works fine, had a bit of trouble connecting to the app but now it recognises it is connected. However the display sticks to pour. The app does not detect any change to weight and doesn’t fill up on the display as it should.Contacted the retailer to advise but did not get any response

  13. I wanted a set of bowls and I wanted scales. This popped up for like half the price of anything else that didn’t look like utter trash. The bowls are solid, non-slip bottoms with pouring spouts, pretty much ideal bar a lid. The scales are pretty large and work as you’d want with a range of measures, come with some app thing I’ve not tried, but that looks like it’d be useful/fun if you’re into baking. There’s a oven thermometer and the real star of the show a free tablet/phone stand, which I use all of the time. What a weird, fun well made kit.

  14. franhotspur at

    I rarely leave reviews but these scales are fab! I bought them for my daughter who is off to uni. Great value for money, scales, 3 bowls, oven thermometer and even a little stand for your phone. Scales work with or without the app. Everything seems really durable too, would definitely recommend. I wish I was keeping them!

  15. 3 mixing bowl are fantastic and very sturdy,ease of use is so simple to measure ingredients very pleased with this purchase.highly recommend.

  16. Haven’t tried this item yet, but I like the look of it. I haven’t used it because I can’t be bothered with the App etc!

  17. I love to cook but baking skills need a little work this item here works really well. It’s a Aux Corded connection to the table or phone and it comes with a thermostat, 3 bowels, and a tablet/phone holder for a really good price!

  18. silvercornaldo at

    very nice quality arrived very quickly. would recommend.

  19. Angie Simpson at

    Love love love, this is my second Perfect Bake. This one plugs into my iPad I find it much easier than the old one I had that connected with Bluetooth. I’ve been able to make so many things by scratch.

  20. sophie larissa at

    Really pleased with this. It’s easy to use and the way it connects to the phone and how it follows along with the instructions its really helpful. Couldnt fault it.

  21. Rhian Jones at

    Excellent buy -baking improved due to accurate weight

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