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Perfect Money Puzzle Box Brain Teaser For Kids To Adults


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The money puzzle box is a great way to store money or give as a unique gift idea.

Never cash in a boring paper envelope or gift card again!  The money puzzle box is a unique way to give money and then later store it.  The money puzzle box will challenge those whose money burns a whole in their pocket or get a laugh out of those who love cash gifts.

Fun Unique Gift Idea for Anyone On Your Gift List

Whether your gift list includes, boys, girls, kids, teens, or someone in the office, the money puzzle box is a great way to show that you care without killing your bank account.  Give it on occasions from birthdays to white elephant parties.  The money maze bank comes in two colors: Green, and Blue.  The money puzzle cube is 3″ x 3″ x 3″.

The Money Maze bank is Beneficial To Kids In more Ways Than One

While the little rug rats are sprouting, they need every chance to develop skills needed as they get older.  This money puzzle box is the only one that enhances spatial awareness.  While trying to get to the treasure inside, they will be developing motor skills, concentration, perception and most of all patience!

Cash Out With This Money Puzzle Box Solution

The money puzzle box solution can be challenging.  Just in case your recipient cannot solve the puzzle here is the way to get to the loot:

  • Position the ball in the slide bar or that little latch on top.
  • Once the ball is positioned, push the slide bar across to open the money maze bank.
  • Open the circular lid to the money bank.
  • Get your stash and close the lid.

Where to Buy the Money Maze Puzzle Box

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