Personalized Whiskey Gift Set For Military Heroes


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Military Heroes from any Branch will Love This Whiskey Gift Set

This Personalized Whiskey Gift Set is a fail-safe gift for any active, reserve, guard, or veteran to keep in the office or at home. 

The Whiskey Gift Set comes complete with a genuine US military surplus ammo can, tactical knife, two personalized glasses and whiskey stones to chill their favorite drink.

Included in the Personalized Whiskey Gift Set is a US Military surplus ammo can to store, well….ammo, tools, other gear or personal keepsakes.

The tactical survival knife comes packed with a compass, sewing kit, matches, fishing line, hook, and split shot weight that is perfect for the military man who loves the outdoors.

If your looking for something a little more tactical, check our out our post on these Universal Tactical Seat Covers.

Engrave your hero’s name, title, and date below the flag on the ammo can.  Then, have the knife engraved with your choice of text.

Once the oath is taken they are military for life, regardless of status, and Military Heroes will love this Personalized Whiskey Gift Set.

Where to Buy the Personalized Whiskey Gift Set for Military Heroes

You can take the man out of the military, but you’ll never take the military out of the man. It doesn’t matter if they’re retired or on leave, a personalized military gift set is going to be a surefire hit in their life. The ammo can is genuine U.S.
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American Heroes 30 Caliber Personalized Military Gift Set
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