The Phone Jail Cell Lets You Reclaim Family Time


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This Phone Jail Cell Brings a Whole New Meaning…or Old Meaning…to Face Time!

Tired of talking to the tops of teenagers heads?  Want to reclaim your family time with the Apple and Droid bots in your life?  Lock’em up…the cell phones that is….in this phone jail cell.

The secure tamper proof design is a perfect way to control your child’s access to phones until the chores or homework are done.  You can even help yourself control your own addiction.  Lock anything up that causes lack of self control.

Having a get together?  Ensure everyone participates in human to human interaction.  You can lock up to six phones in the phone jail cell block.

The secure design and padlock ensure that no one will be getting their phone back through tampering with the pokey.  The cell phone jail lets you reclaim quality time with your family and friends.

Check it out at Urban Outfitters.

Where to Buy the Phone Jail Cell

This mobile phone jail cell lock up from Global Gizmos is the perfect novelty gift for that one person in your life who is addicted to their phone! The jail cell measures 15cm x 13cm x 19cm once assembled and can easily fit 5 mobile phones inside the cell The novel gift idea is brilliant to teach your children who vital time away from their electronic devices is When there are chores or homework to do simply place the phone in the jail cell until you’re satisfied that everything has been undertaken to the highest standards Not only is this a great device for children but it’s also great for adults too We all know someone who spends far too much time on their phone in the office or at home so now simply teach them a lesson and lock away their phone until a designated time predetermined by you! The mobile phone jail cell has been manufactured to be super secure and has a unique tamper proof design all aimed at ensuring no one can break into the jail cell without you knowing
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Global Gizmos Jail Cell Lock Up
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