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Multi Purpose Redux Titanium Watches Bring Mission Control To You!

Redux Titanium Watches are the perfect option for aviation fanatics, military enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a high quality hybrid watch.

Inspired by four of the terms most near and dear to the military, this set of Redux Titanium watches are sure to impress with their various styles and designs!

Redux HONNR, Redux SCOUT, Redux COURG42, and Redux VALOR all of which include unique differences and high quality ingenuity, make these some of the best pilot watches you can find!

What is the Redux HONNR Titanium Watch?

The HONNR Titanium Watch, is perfect for those with the mindset of avoiding cutting corners, or getting by with just “good enough”, and takes inspiration from the cockpit instruments and gauges from WWII aircraft.

Multi Purpose Redux Titanium Watches Bring Mission Control To You!

The HONNR watch comes fully equipped with a blue Super Luminova print dial and watch hands, a date window, a ceramic lumed bezel insert, a crystal flat sapphire inner reflective coating, and a 20mm nylon G10 titanium hardware strap.

For those also interested in an affordable dive watch, the HONNR is also water resistant up to 600 ft!

What is the Redux SCOUT Titanium Watch?

For those who take upon themselves the role of a pathfinder or with a heart geared towards navigation and charting the course ahead the SCOUT may just be the watch for you!

The SCOUT tactical watch comes in two different versions, the A-9 and the 1/A and is modularly based with a swappable, Rare Seiko Field Master aka “Contra”.

The SCOUT features the same blue Super Luminova print dial and watch hands as the HONNR, as well as a lumed compass bezel and a grade AA liquid filled lumed compass dial.

Redux Scout Watch

Also available with the SCOUT, is a Casio 3284 digital module with a flat sapphire module crystal.

The digital features include an alarm, stopwatch, 24hr mode, night light, and carries a 7 year battery life. To top things off, like the HONNR, the SCOUT is waterproof up to 600ft!

What is the Redux VALOR Titanium Watch?

Do you view yourself as someone with a strong work ethic? Someone who has a powerful force towards leadership even when the workday feels like a slog?

The VALOR is service under fire, and may be the fit for you!

VALOR is stocked with a titanium case material, and can also be purchased with a diamond-like carbon black coating.

Redux VALOR Watch

Along with Superluminova hands and print dial, the Redux VALOR also features green bezel markers and a titanium hardware, ballistic nylon strap.

For those who’d prefer a classier view on their wrist this hybrid watch can also be equipped with a leather strap.

What is the Redux COURG42 Titanium Watch?

Courage. It’s something within all of us if we can dig down deep enough. Courage is what pushes us out beyond our comfort zones and gives us what we need to start our most powerful journeys!

The COURG42, is the epitome of that all encased in this high quality, yet affordable pilot watch.

Once again featuring a high quality titanium case material, the COURG42 is fully loaded with the same Super Luminova print dial and watch hands as it’s brethren products.

Redux COURG42 A-11 Watch

The Redux pilot watch includes a unique inner rotating bezel, which functions as a tracker for a second time zone!

Also similar to it’s companion watches in this set, the COURG42 is waterproof up to 600ft, and is fastened with a machine washable strap!

Redux is crowdfunding these watches on Indiegogo at the time of this post.  Act early on these in demand watches and you can SAVE UP TO 50% on yours while it lasts!

Where to Buy the Titanium Pilot-Diver Mission Watches

Titanium Pilot-Diver Mission Watches
Titanium Pilot-Diver Mission Watches
Watches inspired by mission critical pilot instruments, fused with diver tools. Equipped for Good.
$169.00 $280.00

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