Pimple Pete The Explosive Pimple Popper Game


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The Pimple Pete Pimple Popper Game Combines a Bit of Yuck and a lot of Fun!

The Pimple Pete pimple popper game is a pressure-filled game designed by an obsessive pimple popper herself, Dr. Sandra Lee.

She is a board-certified dermatologist and a social media sensation who set out to turn around the stigma of pimple popping.

Pimple Pete is a simple game designed for two or more kids or people who share the preoccupation of pimple popping.

Take turns whirling the spinner, and the arrow will land on the affected area needing treatment.  It could be his forehead, left or right cheek, or chin.

Choose a pimple in the area and carefully twist and pull until the pimple is removed. Each player earns points relative to the difficulty of the pimple.

Anticipation grows as the Mega Zit is bound to pop at any turn.  Win the game by gaining the most points or simply not being the pimple popper that gets the puss (water) from the Mega Zit squirted on them.

Kids will love the gross factor and should have tons of fun with Pimple Pete.

But, if you are a possessed pimple popper and are fresh out of your own, this may hold you over while you are waiting for more to “pop” up.

It also makes a great gift for pimple poppers at home or at the office white elephant party.

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