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Pink Bunny Gaming Chair That She Will Adore


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Gaming Chairs Don’t Always Have to Mimic Dark Dungeons or Underground Command Centers!

The Pink Bunny Gaming Chair by Ewin Gaming Chairs is the cutest, most comfortable, and deepest reclining adorable gaming chair you’ll find.

The pink and white gaming chair with bunny ears is complete with sparkling anime eyes and an attachable velcro cotton tail for the back of the chair.

Pink Bunny Gaming Chair With Cotton Tail

The neck pillow makes it appear as if the bunny has a bow in its hair, and the back pillow gives the bunny a cushiony belly.

But don’t let the cute look fool you! The pink gaming chair with bunny ears is all about performance and comfort.

Pink Bunny Gaming Chair Features

The bunny is stuffed with prime interior high-density foam that is twice as heavy as the standard gaming chair foam and comes close to the performance of memory foam.

Pink Bunny Gaming Chair Reclining

The durable elasticity of the foam prolongs the comfort life, and the gaming reclining chair lays back to 155° for nap time between gaming sessions or taking a break from work.

Each pink bunny ear gaming chair from Ewin Gaming Chairs comes with a locking tilt function that can be used while upright or reclining and your choice of hubless wheels.

If you are looking for a gaming chair your daughter, girlfriend, or wife who loves pink and bunnies will love, look no further.

Where to Buy the Pink Bunny Gaming Chair

Pink Bunny Gaming Chair
Pink Bunny Gaming Chair
$369.00 $479

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