PINT2GO Beer Tumbler Keeps 16 oz’s Of Ale Chilled and Secured


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The Bars may still be Locked Down but you can Enjoy a Freshly Pulled Cold One in the Great Outdoors.

The innovative beer tumbler is a double walled, insulated pint “glass” keeps your pint perfectly chilled and has a silicone lid to protect from spills and alcoholic bugs from grabbing a drink on the go.

Pint2Go Beer Tumbler Keeps 16 Oz'S Of Ale Chilled And Secured

These beer tumblers are the missing accessory you need for outdoor get-togethers, open air music festivals, or  enjoying some outdoor hobby time alone.

Beer spilling party fouls, spilling your beer at the game, or in the mosh pit will be a thing of the past.  Your drink will be secured with a clever sliding drink hole cover.

Pint2Go Beer Tumbler Keeps 16 Oz'S Of Ale Chilled And Secured

These insulated beer tumblers  keep your drink chilled at the perfect temperature longer to maximize the refreshing cold beer taste.

Not a beer drinker?  Are you more a fan of wine or champaigne?  Check out the Vino2Go wine glass tumbler at

Where to Buy the PINT2Go Pint Glass Beer Tumbler

Pint2Go: Portable Pint Glass
Is there anything sadder than a spilled beer? Don't Waste a Drop!

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