The Pocket Shot Slingshot Easy to Shoot & Fast Up to 350 ft/sec


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The Pocket Shot Slingshot is a Modern Twist on the Age-Old Slingshot.

The Pocket Shot Slingshot is a modern-day slingshot small enough to fit in your pocket, composed of a latex rubber pouch attached to a fiber composite reinforced ring.

Each pocket shot is capable of shooting 1/4-inch up to 5/16-inch steel slugs, marbles, and small paintballs around .4 cal.

This modern-day slingshot can also be transformed into a sling bow to shoot arrows for practice in archery or to go hunting.

The Pocket Shot Slingshot

The Pocket Shot’s speed load cap allows for quick reloading of the Pocket Shot slingshot.

The Pocket Shot reportedly shoots at a rate of up to 350 fps. With a little practice for the inexperienced, you should be able to hit small targets at 20 yards or more.

The Pocket Shot Slingshot

This compact slingshot is lightweight and can be folded up to be carried in your pocket.

This circular slingshot makes an extremely fun recreational toy or a compact and portable small-game weapon for campers or hunters.

Where to Buy the Pocket Shot

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