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Pocket Tripod Pro A Wallet Sized Geometrical Phone Stand


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The Pocket Tripod Delivers All of the Key Features You’d Expect From a Full-Size Tripod!

Toss that old Selfie Stick! The universal Pocket Tripod Pro fits every phone and provides camera stability at every angle.

A large part of the tripod’s value is in its portability.  The Pocket Tripod only takes the space of two credit cards and discreetly fits in any wallet or purse.

Pocket Tripod Pro A Wallet Sized Geometrical Phone Stand

It can always be with you to be deployed in seconds, just don’t forget your carrying it.

The legs of this convenient phone stand are cut from real carbon fiber to enhance stability and durability without sacrificing its flexible and lightweight comfort.

Soft contact points grip your phone in landscape or portrait mode to ensure delicate cases or screen protectors are not damaged.

Pocket Tripod Pro Soft Contact Points Protect Screen

Each Pocket Tripod Pro comes with 7 additional adapters to guarantee universal compatibility with any phone and case up to 1/2 inch thick.

You are also provided a unique code to order additional sizes free of charge if needed.

How to Use the Pocket Tripod

Included in each order is a Geometrical Fit Card to use as a caliper to measure the width of your device.

Follow the instructions to fold the geometrical Pocket Tripod into a stand and place your adapters in the phone receptacle as needed.

How To Use The Pocket Tripod Pro

Once you set your phone into the Pocket Tripod Pro, select the angle at which you would like to take a photo or shoot a video.

The phone will rotate on radial rails fluidly where you can choose 20 adjustments in a 90° angle for the perfect shot.

Pocket Tripod Pro 20 Angle Adjustments

Once the Pocket Tripod is set you are ready to capture the moment.

How to Take Great Photos Using a Pocket Tripod Pro

Set the Pocket Tripod and your phone on any flat surface and take a captivating time-lapse video or series of stills.

No more trusting strangers with your expensive mobile devices or carrying awkward tripods or selfie sticks.

Pocket Tripod Pro Hands Free Zoom Calls

Hands-free Zoom calls are also a breeze without having to be locked to your laptop or PC.

The stability of the Pocket Tripod enables you to even capture light painting shots or amplify details in low light settings.

Simply leave your shutter open and let the light streak painting begin.

Pocket Tripod Style Options

PocketTripod.com 5 different style options for the perfect fit for gifting or to match your favorite color.

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Pocket Tripod Pro Black
Pocket Tripot Pro Magma Red
Pocket Tripod Pro Jasper
Pocket Tripod Pro Thumder Pink
Pocket Tripod Pro Panda

Where to Buy the Pocket Tripod Pro

Pocket Tripod Pro Universal Kit
Pocket Tripod Pro Universal Kit
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