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Polar Seal GEMM Helps Regulate Your Temperature Like A Personal Thermostat


At the Touch of a Button, the Polar Seal GEMM Instantly Cools or Heats to Your Comforts Demand.

Depending on your location, activity, or season, extreme conditions can get rather discomforting.  Polar Seal GEMM wearable warming and cooling device can improve your comfort by helping regulate your body temperature as you see fit.

The Polar Seal GEMM is a revolutionary wearable device that utilizes thermoelectric technology to immediately begin cooling you down or warming you up.

The state-of-the-art personal temperature regulator is a simple plug and play device with the versatility to be used outdoors, while working out, or relaxing in your living room.

Adding to its versatility, the Polar Seal GEMM can be used all year round.

Wear your personal air conditioner while taking advantage of the three cooling modes that will chill you down to 50°F / 10°C.

Then, as the seasons begin to change, the wearable device transforms into your own personal heater warming up to 108°F / 42°C.

No, you won’t be able to make ice or fry eggs with it, but, the temperature range has a large enough span to keep you plenty comfortable.

The Polar Seal GEMM is vastly improved over the personal fans, ice packs, or other wearable air circulators.

The advanced technology of thermoelectricity uses electrical current from the built in battery to generate heat or cold spreading the desired temperature through the top of your body.

The Neck pad cools or heats by contacting your skin and cooling or warming the circulating blood that then spreads throughout your body.

The neck area is long believed to be the optimal point to externally regulate your body temperature.

Polar Seal GEMM wearable cooling device maximizes its effects by a metal contact that is ergonomically curved to fit the back of your neck comfortably.

The GEMM is secure to wear with strong magnetic contacts that allow you to easily put on and take off.

It easily conceals under your clothing in the winter or to wear in the office or wear it openly after a work out or sitting at home.

The Polar Seal GEMM comes in four different colors and you can place an order from Polar Seal’s website below.

Where to Buy the Polar Seal GEMM

Polar Seal GEMM
Polar Seal GEMM
GEMM The Revolutionary Pocket Sized Wearable Heating & Cooling Device
$199.00 $399.00

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