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Polar Seal Heated Shirt Beats Cold Into A Thing of The Past

Polar Seal Heated Shirts Combat the Cold so You can Travel Lighter in the Fall and Winter.

Gone are the days of those bulky bubble jackets, itchy under layers and having to unload 10 lbs of clothing when you come in from the cold, only to don it again when you leave.  Polar Seal Heated Shirts provide instant heat when you need it, or turn it off when you don’t.  These shirts are the latest, most popular trend in cold weather gear because you get heat in an instant on demand.

If you plan to wear your new Polar Seal shirts to the outdoor game, don’t forget to check out our post on the Rechargeable Heated Stadium Seat to keep your bum warm.

How do Polar Seal Heated Shirts Work

All of Polar Seal Heated tops have an integrated heating system.  No bulky battery packs or stringy wires you have to hide in a pouch or pocket.  Polar Seal has provided an easy access button on the sleeve of the heated shirt that allows you to start warming up instantly in about 10 seconds.  The Polar Seal unique design allows the heat to immediately saturate your core allowing you to warm up quicker.

Are you worried about becoming too warm?  They thought of that too.  The Polar Seal heated apparel has a temperature control that allows you three heat settings for optimal comfort.  These three heat settings can be set from the low setting of 104° F, a medium setting of 113° F, up to a high setting of 122° F.  So, there is a setting that provides the ideal setting for anyone.

We mentioned before there are no heavy battery packs you have to conceal.  The Polar Seal heated shirts are USB rechargeable and compatible with standard USB power banks.  A single charge will last up to 14 hours of uninterrupted comfort.

How To Clean Polar Seal Heated Shirts

The heat control button is designed to absorb shocks and dings without damage or changing your settings.  This, along with the uniquely designed heating elements allow for the Polar Seal heated shirts to be completely machine washed and get you back on the go.

Polar Seal has added many more items to their line such as heated T-shirts, heated vests, heated jackets, and much more.

Thanks to Polar Seal you never have to experience the miserable cold again.

Where to Buy Polar Seal Heated Shirts

Polar Seal Heated Shirts
Polar Seal Heated Shirts  It's the thinnest warmth you will ever experience.
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  1. I was backer # 3224 (Kickstarter). I purchased 2 heated zipper tops – one for myself and the other for my daughter. We have probably worn the shirts a total of 2 dozen times each since purchasing. Both started to malfunction when we started wearing this year. My daughters shirt will not stay on for more than 15 seconds and mine will only work on medium/low power. Yes we tried three different battery packs – two were the ones we successfully used last year and the third was a brand new pack purchased this year. I realize the warranty period is only 1 year but would have expected a product of this cost to have lasted longer. Not tying to get a free shirt here – just wanted to let future backers know what to expect as far as longevity.

    I did write several emails requesting options/repair/etc but did not receive any responses.

    Too expensive for only a 3 month warranty. Don’t buy.


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