Pool Lounge Chair With Bluetooth To Stream Stereo Music


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Puncture Resistant Pool Lounge Chair

Set yourself up for hours of relaxation!

This pool lounge chair comes complete with stereo bluetooth sound, cup holders, and water proof zip lock protection.

A pair of 20 watt bluetooth speakers in the pool lounge chair head rest stream music for 12 hours.  Just inflate with the built in electric pump and your ready to go.  Not a fan of your tablet or smartphone in a waterproof bag? It can connect to your music source from up to 75 feet away.   Time to be a little more trusting? The touch sensitive zip lock has triple seal plastic to safely prevent damage to your tablet or smartphone.

The puncture resistant PVC floating lounge chair holds up to 300 lbs on it's cushioned surface, so even a walrus like myself can enjoy it.  It fits just about any body style with a width of over 3 feet and a length of over 6 feet.  Running low on a charge and don't want to exit the pool?  No worries, this high quality water throne will also put a charge to your device through the USB ports!  This is a quality pool lounge chair for use in the water, at pool side, or on a boat.  If you prefer the pink version, click the pink Soundfloat picture below.


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