Poop Cube Litter Box Rids Tracking and Odors After Your Cat Does The Deuce


The Poop Cube Litter Box is a Multipurpose Private Cat Box That can be Used Anywhere in Your Home.

The Poop Cube litter box has a sleek minimalist design that allows your feline to do the dirty business in privacy.  At the same time, the Poop Cube eliminates odors and tracking of tainted litter throughout your home.

The history of cat litter boxes is not a pretty one.  Up until now, you were left with an ugly plastic bucket filled with cat litter that, eventually, stinks up the room or house.  The other option was to pay WAY too much for a robotic contraption which ultimately forces you to realize you did a better cleaning job beforehand.

Poop Cube litter boxes come uniquely designed with a swivel lid and a 3-in-1 cleaning set to make scooping and cleaning extremely quick and easy.

The exclusive top and swivel door are designed to provide privacy for those pets who look at you and wonder, “Why are they staring at me while I’m handling the nature call?”  The swivel lid has an escape hatch through the top of the litter box or an optional swivel door to enter through the side.

Poop Cube 3-in-1 Litter Cleaning Set

The 3-in-1 cleaning set is a valuable wingman in the cleaning process.  The scoop has been reinvented to sift faster and slide quickly through the litter.  The dustpan and hand broom allow for quick and easy tidy up the cat litter mats.  This becomes extremely important for someone with a quick trigger on the old gag reflex.

The Poop Cube Sleek Design

The designers of the modern litter box combined a minimalist style with virtually complete enclosure to ensure the litter box can be placed anywhere in your home, without those embarrassing messes or odors.  These modern litter boxes stay neat, simple, and stylish to fit any home.

So, why wait?  You can save $40 dollars on the pre-order at Kickstarter where shipping begins in May 2020.  Poop Cubes make a great addition to your home or you can get one for the Crazy Cat Lady in your family so you can start to visit again!

Where to Buy the Poop Cube Litter Box by Superpet

Poop Cube Litter Box
Poop Cube Litter Box
$59.00 $99.00

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