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Pop Up Countertop Outlet With USB Ports & Wireless Qi Charging Top


The Pop Up Countertop Outlet With USB & Wireless Qi Charging Top is all the Power you Need in One Location

If you house is like ours, there is never enough power sources for the places we enjoy our electronics or use our countertop appliances.

This Pop Up Countertop Outlet will supply all the power you need at your kitchen countertop, island, or desktop.

The Pop Up Countertop Outlet mounts nearly flush on any countertop or desk saving space when you need it.

The power hub provides power through 4 AC outlets, 2 USB port, 1 RJ45 Port and 1HDMI Port and 5W wireless charger.

The power supply cable length is a tad longer than 4.5 ft, the HDMI cable will reach out to about 5.25 ft., and the RJ45 cable will max at 5.5 ft.

Now, you can power your desktop computer, TV, laptop, or other devices from this central hub.

Your phone can charge whether the pop up outlet is flush or in its up position.  When down it is sturdy and secure and easy to wipe clean.

The pop up power supply is easy to install, just cut the correct sized hole drop the outlet and plug in.  No need for an expensive electrician.

Where to Buy the Pop Up Countertop Outlet with USB Ports and Wireless Qi Charging Top

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