Powerup 4 Paper Airplane Kit Soars To New Heights


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Flight Lovers Will Soar With Excitement Over the PowerUp 4 Paper Airplane Conversion Kit!

The PowerUp 4 Paper Airplane kit transforms your paper airplane into the most advanced RC airplane of its kind.

Not great at folding paper airplanes?  With the PowerUp Airplane kit, you can fly the crappiest, most lopsided plane, so don’t let that stop you!

Beginners and experts alike will love the aerodynamic capabilities when they convert paper into a state-of-the-art paper airplane.

With this kit, you can convert your favorite paper airplanes into smart flying machines that can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet.

The PowerUp Paper Airplane Kit is also great for STEM learning in homeschool or with the family!

Students can experience aerodynamic forces like lift, drag, thrust, and gravity in this fun and interactive learning activity.

PowerUp 4 Paper Airplane Instructions

Simply connect the included micro USB cable to a charging port while folding your best (or worst) paper airplane, or plotting your next flight plan.

Once charged, slide your plane onto the frame.  Take off and control the flight of your airplane.

Powered by a reliable rechargeable battery, the PowerUp Airplane kit enables easy and accurate control of your flying machine indoors and out—just like a real RC plane.

Say goodbye to nosedives and choppy flights.  Equipped with a new computer and stabilizers, the 4.0 version helps your plane fly even if it’s not perfectly aerodynamic.

Powerup 4.0 Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Now you can barrel roll, do loops, and fly the hammerhead like a professional pilot!

The newest version adds 2 new sensors: gyro and accelerometer, combined with 2 thrust vectoring motors. That means flying PowerUp 4.0 is smoother than ever!

You’ll now be able to master flying tricks, fly in windy conditions, and recover from badly angled launches easier than ever before.

PowerUp 4 Paper Airplane Performance

The PowerUp Paper Airplane Conversion Kit features a 30-minute quick charge, giving you up to 10 minutes of flight time along with an incredible range of up to 230ft!

Traveling at speeds of up to 20mph, your drone will spend less time on the tarmac and more time in the air.

Flight analytics will display your maneuverability scores, length of flight, and quality of paper fold.  Real-time analytics display your heading, thrust level, and turning angles in real time.

The analytics will even provide tips for a better, more maneuverable plane for the next flight!

The Night-Flight Kit comes with a set of wings that feature different configurations to help you see how each one affects flight.

PowerUp 4 Paper Airplane Propellers

The PowerUp Airplane kit comes with dual propellers to enhance speed and maneuverability, and you’ll get an extra set in the kit if replacements are needed.

The carbon fiber body is made of a near-indestructible material. It includes a nylon-reinforced nose and a motor mount.

Powerup 4.0 Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

The PowerUp paper airplane  is designed to withstand bumps, bangs, and even an unexpected crash.

If your paper plane flies out of range, the onboard computer will safely land itself!

Alright Airheads, it’s time to take off!

Where to Buy the PowerUp 4 Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

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