Praying Mantis Eggs For Garden Pest Control


Release the king insect stalker with these praying mantis eggs and hatching habitat for an organic insect control.

Mantids are superior territorial insect stalkers.  They spend days patiently tracking their prey.  Moving its head to keep its prey in sight  it stimulates special nerve receptors that make adjustments to distance and angles of attack prior to successfully catching its target.  The Praying Mantis is a really cool and unique looking creature that can help control garden pests organically.  You can also choose to nurture the habitat to monitor for hatching.  Then you can keep some as a pet in a more controlled environment.  These praying mantis eggs are guaranteed to hatch.  You can expect 50-200 mantids per pod.  The supplier suggests 2 pods for every 3000 square feet.  Multiple purchasing packages are available.

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