Precise Contour Gauge with Lock & Duplicator Anyone Can Use


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This Contour Measuring Tool Uses a Simpler Method to Measure Shape Profiles!

Precise Contour Gauge with Lock is a Scribe Tool used in woodworking to measure edges and corners while duplicating a longer surface profile.

This contour gauge isn’t just any contour gauge. Other contour gauges are only big enough to get you around a corner or over a threshold.

With the Precise Contour Gauge you can accurately mark the profile of any length of surface by using either the pointer end or pulley side.

Contour Gauge With Lock

Drawing on the pulley side is smoother, while drawing on the pointer side is more precise and straightforward.

The style end may be easily changed by moving the pencil holder up and down the slide with only one hand.

How to Use a Contour Gauge Profile Tool

The Precise Contour Gauge is easy enough for anyone to use in four simple steps, whether you are a professional or DIY’er.

  1. Simply loosen the Center Nut
  2. Insert any pencil between 2-12mm
  3. Press the thumb lock down to adjust the pencil to the style you would like to use.
  4. Then use the pulley end or pointed end to trace your contour.

Contour Gauge With LockThe contour tracing tool makes fast and easy work of ceramic and tool mold taking, tile and flooring installation, or laminate and carpet cutting.

The time saving contour template tool will have you cutting in no time on any construction site, home or office DIY project, or woodworking design.

Where to Buy the Precise Contour Gauge with Lock & Duplicator

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