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Prepd Skillet: A Versatile Light Cast Iron For Daily Use


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The Prepd Skillet is an Absolute Fusion of the Traditional Cast Iron with Versatile Everyday Cookware

The Prepd Skillet turns the traditional cast iron skillet into a more burnished, easier to handle, naturally non stick cook pan.

If you are daily chef or love the taste of food cooked in a cast iron heaped with seasoned layers, you most likely haven’t relied on the heavy black beast in your cupboard handed down by grandmaw.

Now, thanks to the Prepd Chef Skillet, you can enjoy cooking with cast iron that is 30% lighter and retains the ability to sear, bake, fry, or even sauté with the same long established results.

Prepd Skillet: A Versatile Light Cast Iron For Daily Use

The Prepd Skillet comes pre-seasoned with 4 layers of grape seed oil baked in for over an hour at high temps.

Prepd Chef Skillets remove the weight, while preserving the heat retention and heat transmission of a quality old school cast iron.  In addition, you can cook on any cooktop, barbecue grill, or oven.

The new age cast iron pans come in 8″ or 10″ and have several accessories available to keep you ready for any meal prep situation you encounter.

Prepd Skillet Care

Much like traditional cast iron skillets, gently wash the pan in light water, wipe the pan dry, and heat on the stove to dry.  Then coat the pan inside and out with a thin coat of cooking oil.

More detailed care instructions are provided with the skillets.

You can pre-order these new cast iron skillets through Indiegogo where they are currently in demand.

Where to Buy the Prepd Skillet

Prepd Chef Skillet
Prepd Chef Skillet
$75.00 $99.00

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