PressDrain Drain Stopper For Bathtubs Shreds Hair To Pieces


PressDrain Drain Stopper For Bathtubs is Specifically Designed to Shred Hair in the Press of a Button.

PressDrain is a never-clog bathtub drain that slices clogged hair into tiny shards making it easy to flow down the drain pipes.

Whether it is from frequent hair loss, or from cutting your hair at home, we are all familiar with the consequences of hair caught in the drain.

Hair covered in soap scum builds up in the drain clog resulting in over flowing bathtubs.

Cleaning requires hard chemicals, lots of elbow grease plunging, or pulling a rats nest like hair plug from the drain one or two strands at a time. 

And Oh! Let’s not forget the customized clothes hanger as a hook.

With all the technology developments in this world today, for hundreds of years these have been our only options, until now.

PressDrain Drain Stopper For Bathtubs Shreds Hair To Pieces

Press drain is an incredible hair shredding drain stopper for bathtubs with drains from 1.25″ to 2″ in diameter fitting 99% of bathtubs.

So much so that it was specifically designed to catch your hair in the hair collection base. 

PressDrain Drain Stopper For Bathtubs Shreds Hair To Pieces

Once hair builds up, simply push the top of the drain stopper with your hand or foot and the stainless steel Quadrat blades instantly shred the hair into tiny slivers that are easily drained.

PressDrain Drain Stopper For Bathtubs Shreds Hair To Pieces

PressDrain is the best drain stopper for bathtubs because there is nothing that can get caught in your drain stopper that this amazing drain stopper cannot cut.

This means hair clogs are likely impossible and a thing of the past! 

It even cuts through latex, plastic string, and fishing wire, just in case you hit a snag while you are deepwater drain fishing.

When the PressDrain drain stopper for bathtubs is clear the water freely flows through the hair catching base.  When you want to fill the tub, just push and twist to stop the flow.

The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is proving successful and the project owners appear to be interactive with their customer base. 

You can still take advantage of the early bird savings.

Where to buy the PressDrain Drain Stopper for Bathtubs

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PressDrain Hair Shredding Drain Stopper for Bathtub
PressDrain Hair Shredding Drain Stopper for Bathtub
A bathtub drain that will cut hair and you don't need to touch the hair to clean it, and stop the clog.

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