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Prima Mini Projector Is A Portable Projector For Captivating Cinematic Endeavors


The Prima Mini Projector Converts Multimedia into Hypermedia!

To call this mini projector a new tech gadget is insulting the capabilities!  It has all the features one can desire for the ultimate cinematic adventure no matter where you are.

Prima Projectors stream your favorite movies, TV shows, video games or share your pics on the big screen.  You can even project a cool image on your wall trace it out and paint a cool wall mural even if you can’t project straight ahead!

The mini projector comes equipped with automatic keystone angle correction that instantly makes the appropriate adjustments for a perfect picture and a tripod for setting on any surface.

How does the Prima Mini Projector work

Connect the projector to any media device such as computers, tablets, phones, or TF card to stream your media.  It is equipped with HDMI, USB x 2, and Micro SD inputs.  Adding the Bluetooth or Wifi connection options makes the Prima Mini Projector universally compatible with any device.

Prima has its own Android powered processor that allows you to access Google Play Store to download your multimedia apps to stream straight from the pocket projector.  You can operate the Prima projector from the built in remote or from your casting device.

Can The Mini Projector Connect to iPhones

Yes.  Wireless pairing is easy and instant.  The Prima Mini Projector also connects to Android phones, Apple TV, gaming consoles, and more.

More Prima Mini Projector Features

Prima Mini Projectors also come equipped with dynamic Hi-Fi speakers that release a clear and balanced sound on a level of your home tv.  The massive projection capabilities bring you a 1080p viewing experience up to a 200″ screen.  The mini projector is 400% brighter and its battery lasts 50% longer than other projectors lagging behind in its class.

Where to Buy the Prima Mini Projector

Prima Pocket Projector
Prima Pocket Projector
$399.00 $799.00
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