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Prone Cushion The Ideal Pillow For Comfort Lying Down


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Prone Cushion is an Innovative Solution for All-Day Comfort when Lying Prone!

Made to fit the contours of the human body, the Prone Cushion was built from the ground up to be the ultimate support for lying on your stomach.

When you lie prone, you promote muscle relaxation, alleviate stress, and reduce your heart rate.

Not to mention that lying prone reduces pressure on your body by 800% as opposed to sitting.

Hopefully, I can convince the boss to make lying down a work-related health activity, but I digress.

Lying prone comes naturally, the downfall is that we often read a book, text, or surf the web without the proper support, canceling the benefits of the prone position.

Prone Cushion Prone Cushion Ideal Pillow For Comfort Lying Down

The all-in-one solution for stress relief for your back, neck, and shoulders is a prone pillow.

The cushions provide a soft chin rest while placing your spine in the proper alignment and supporting your pelvic bone.

Prone Cushion Benefits

Do you have difficulty lying prone? The prone pillow provides ergonomic neck support while elevating your body enough to relax and still do the things you enjoy.

You can have a profoundly therapeutic experience with the Prone Cushion that benefits both your body and mind.

Prone Cushion Stress Relief

You can experience a reduction in stress and anxiety as well as an uplift in your mood and happiness when lying on the Prone Cushion.

Prone Pillow Features

Prone Cushion’s highly customizable configuration and comfort allow it to seamlessly adapt to the user.

Alternate between three different heights thanks to the cleverly integrated height-adjustable legs.

This makes it simple to adjust the angle and settle into the ideal prone position.

Strong neodymium magnets that stylishly snap the legs into a locked and secure position are used to lock the legs firmly into place.

Use it however you want, the pillow supports a variety of body styles, postures, and activities.

Prone Cushion Uses

The can be used in many different ways, including as a backrest, to exercise on, to lie on your stomach, on your back, on your side, and more!

Use the proning pillow to lie prone in your favorite comfort space, whether that is the sofa, bed, or living room floor.  It is lightweight and easily transportable.

Where to Buy The Prone Pillow

Prone Cushion
Prone Cushion
The world's first ergonomic cushion designed for lying on your stomach.
$149.00 $199.00

Customers should do their research and thoroughly examine & understand the seller’s precise description and production plans before spending their hard-earned cash on a crowdfunding project.

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