Proud Grill BBQ Skewers Allow for a Guilt-Free Feast


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Whether you are a bodacious beef lover or venerate vegetarian, feast like a king with these hardy Proud Grill BBQ skewers!

Proud Grill BBQ skewers make a great addition to any grilling set.  If you are like me, I hate wrestling with my meal spinning on the spear of the skeweres and only having room for a few meats and veggies.

For a family our size, a few dainty spear skewers ain’t gonna get us there.

Proud Grill company has resolved this by developing bbq skewers with our size family in mind.

What makes these BBQ skewers so great is the ability to stuff veggies and meat on both sides of each skewer virtually doubling the grilling capacity.

The flat design keeps your food stationary for easy flipping and even grilling.

These stainless steel skewers give you the choice to use on the grill…or in the oven when there is inclement weather.

Once the meal is done, place the metal BBQ skewers on the plates and everyone can just slide the food off as they eat.

They are very presentable, if that is important to you, do to the cleverly themed fish or cow skeletons.

These skewers make the perfect unique gift for any barbecue grill master or get them for your family, so they can eat their meals down to the stainless steel bones.

Where to Buy the Proud Grill Slide and Serve Skewers

Proud Grill Company Slide &Amp; Serve Skewers
Proud Grill Company Slide & Serve Skewers
The Proud Grill Slide & Serve BBQ Skewers are a new take on grilling Kabobs.

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