PumPix Wearable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Slays Bad Germs Like a Superhero


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PumPix Wearable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a Discreet, Affordable Wrist Band That Kills Germs Anywhere You Go!

PumPix Wearable Hand Sanitizer is a germ killing wrist shooter that allows you to stay germ free in any location your travels may take you!  Just remember Spidey’s motto, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsiblity.”

Don’t use this to shoot your co-worker over the cubicle.  On second thought go ahead, just fill it with something other than hand sanitizer.

Either way, the strap on hand sanitizer wristband is extremely portable and functional with a pretty straight forward design.   Simply, fill it with your favorite hand sanitizer and get over 100 pumps of evil germ killing.

No more losing those small bottles of hand sanitizer into the abyss of your car as you hit the exit ramp a little faster than you should.

Cup your hand to use the PumPix to sanitize at your convenience or spray a villainous surfaces like elevator buttons, toilet lids (whether you stand a pee or have to put it down after those of us that do).

Other great uses are for it are grimy door handles at the run down gas station, or shopping cart handles.  You can even be a superhero to the slug that forgot to bring theirs!

When duty calls, just slide the button on the PumPix hand sanitizer dispenser back to release the perfect amount of hand sanitizer.

Rub on both hands, front and b….you know what, at this point if you don’t know, your just not paying attention.

The wearable hand sanitizer dispenser is super light at just 35 grams and holds .4 ounces of hand sanitizer.

This unique hand sanitizer is durable, reuseable, lightweight.  Plus, a wearable hand sanitizer dispenser makes a great gift for anyone even after the quagmire we are in now.

Where to Buy the PumPix Wearable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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Pumpix Wearable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
PumPix Wearable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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