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PuttaCup Golf Indoor Practice Putting Cup Fits In Your Floor Vent


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Suck It Up Buttacup!  PuttaCup Golf Indoor Practice Putting Cup may be the Only Golf  You’ll Have for Awhile!

Whether your schedule is tight, the weather is bad, or your on lock down due to the virus that shall not be named, it may be awhile before you get back to the greens.  PuttaCup Golf Indoor Practice Putting Cup is an alternative floor vent cover that drops flush into your standard floor vent hole and keeps your shortgame spot on.

Practice putting your golf balls into this ventilated putting cup that keeps your air circulating in your office or home.  If you want to make things real interesting, transform your home into a 9 hole mini golf course (bank shots allowed only when your significant other is away).

The putting cup hole is reduced to 4″ as opposed to the regulation 4.25″ to increase difficulty and, just may, improve putting accuracy, even for a golfer with gorilla-like finesse.

Where to Buy The PuttaCup Golf Indoor Putting Practice Cup

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