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Amp up your game with Raw Chemistry Pheromone Cologne for Men! The extra strength concentration of Human Grade Pheromones has a  long lasting scent. It was developed to specifically target a woman’s attraction receptors within their brain in their Oregon lab.  Raw Chemistry’s Cologne is one of the best scented colognes for men and the #1 pheromone blended cologne in the available and made in the USA.  The cologne has a silk base for sensitive skin and uses a natural blend of essential oils and human grade fragrance for a long lasting scent.

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  1. Is this a magic Bottle?! No.But let me write my honest review.I am walking out of work (I am a server at a very busy fine dining place), and I noticed that people (mostly females) basically got wrapped into a long conversation with me all night long; co-workers, guests, management, you name it. I have been serving for years and this RARELY happens at the rate it did today. People felt like they could just open up to me. Now I do have a good personality and a fairly good sense of humor, I know this helps, and I am Not a chiseled He-man, but nor am I ugly by any means (maybe a skinnier David Denman). Back to the point at hand, I felt like it worked. I have used one other Pheremone Cologne, and it did not ever produce the results that this did.Another reviewer put it best it smells like a very strong Cool Water Cologne. Because it is so strong take warning. The 1st time I wore it (not at work) I put my usual spritz on and it was very strong. I suggest 1 spritz towards your chest/neckline and be light about it. Then simply wipe the residual off the nozzle with your wrist and rub your wrist together. I found this to be a good amount and not overbearing.So if you are up for a little experimenting, this is really not that expensive as far as cologne goesis worth a try.It may or may not work for you, it all depends.I will update with more experimentation results if I can.p.s.- I wish it simply said Cologne on the bottle I know these things can be looked down on if someone saw your bottle in your bathroom. Just an opinion. I like to keepy secret weapons secret I guess.

  2. Couldn’t attract a fly

  3. Doesn’t work for online dating.

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