Real Life Invisibility Cloak Simulates Super Powers of Concealment


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The Invisibility Cloak Lets You Scare the Crap Out of Your Friends and Avoid Annoying People

This Real Life Invisibility Cloak is made of light-bending material to conceal yourself, transforming science fiction into reality.

Real Life Invisibility Cloak

Each invisibility cloak uses light-bending material that can be precisely engineered to obscure any object hidden behind it.

To be invisible in real life, just duck down behind it to hide your entire body, with a uniform background behind you, and, just like magic, you’re gone.

Real Life Invisibility Cloak

Much like Harry Potter’s cloak, there is no external power source needed!

How Does a Real Life Invisibility Cloak Work?

The Quantum Stealth-like array of lenses essentially diverts the light reflected by the person hiding away from the observer and focuses the light reflected by the background toward the observer.

When used against homogeneous backdrops like foliage, grass, rendered walls, sand, sky, and asphalt, the shields shine brightest.

Real Life Invisibility Cloak

Natural characteristics such as the horizon or man-made structures such as buildings, railroads, or painted lines can be used as alternative backdrops for the invisible cloak.

The Real Working Invisibility Cloak is made from marine-grade materials that produce complete optical invisibility.

Opt for the large Invisibility shield that is large enough to hide multiple people, measuring 30 x 25 inches, or get the small version.

The small shield is sized at 12 in. by 8 inches to hide the cookie jar from unwelcome cookie monsters.

Where to Buy the Real Life Invisibility Cloak

Real Working Invisibility Shield
Real Working Invisibility Shield

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