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Real Megalodon Tooth 100% Genuine & Museum Quality


This Real Megalodon Tooth is Shed from the Most Fierce Ocean Predator.

The Megalodon Tooth fossil comes from the Megaladon (Big Tooth) or Megatooth Shark that was possibly the most ferocious beast of prey in earth’s history.

Megalodon sharks are believed to have exceeded 50+ feet in length and preyed on large marine mammals such as dugongs (sea cows), sea lions, dolphins, and even whales.

Some estimates, based on the size of the petrified tooth, suggest their jaws could exert a bone crushing force of up to 41,000 lbf.

Real Megalodon Tooth 100% Genuine & Museum Quality

How Big is a Megalodon Tooth?

One of the most important criteria for a real Megalodon Shark’s tooth when purchasing or collecting is size.  The size is measured by two slant measurements. 

One measurement being between the two edges of the root of the tooth and one being from the base of the root to the tip of the tooth.

This is why you may see multiple measurements when looking to buy one.

Most Megalodon Shark teeth come in around 4-5 inches.  The biggest tooth that was verifiable was found in Ocucaje, Peru measuring 7.48 inches.

Real Megalodon Tooth 100% Genuine & Museum Quality

How Much is a Megalodon Tooth Worth?

It is not impossible to find 2-3 inch Megalodon Shark teeth with significant damage for around $20-$50 dollars.  However, certified teeth in excellent condition at this size could see a range of $150-$250.

Quality teeth in the 4″ range can run upwards of $400 and excellent conditioned 5″ teeth more toward $500.

A significant jump is seen in the teeth ranging around 6″ or larger.  These teeth in good condition can range from $800 into the thousands.

How to Tell if a Megalodon Tooth is Real?

There is a scammer in every crowd, so to say that Megalodon teeth are never faked is a bit of a stretch.

Shark teeth are pretty common, even Megalodon teeth in some areas of the world.  When something is common enough it is generally not worth ones time to fake.

But, the teeth can be repaired and/or restored in an attempt to attain a higher value.

This is why it is important to obtain documentation when you purchase which you can get that certification with the Megaladon teeth for sale on Touch of Modern.

If you are not familiar with the Megalodon Shark, here is some interesting information from watchmojo.com.

Where to Find a Megalodon Tooth?

If you would rather hunt for your own Megatooth, you can find them in many coastal regions of Africa, the Americas, Australia, and even Europe.

But, they are most common in the sub tropical areas being larger in the southern hemisphere rather than the northern.

Not in the mood for a hunt?  We have found some excellent Megalodon teeth for sale at Touch Of Modern sold by the Astro Gallery of Gems, Minerals, and Fossils in New York, NY.

Find many shapes and sizes through our links below.

Real Megalodon Tooth 100% Genuine & Museum Quality

They are 100% genuine and are in museum quality.  Each tooth comes with a certificate of authenticity and in an attractive display case for a great presentation.

Where to Buy A Real Megalodon Tooth

Genuine 2-3
Genuine 2-3
Find varying sizes and prices through our link.
$159.99 $236.00

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