Record Player Air Freshener For Your Car


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Head Back to the Days of Spinning Vinyl While Refreshing the Air in Your Car!

This record player air freshener is a unique and fun way to refresh the aroma of your car.

Simply clip the stable retro record player onto your vent rail.

Record Player Air Freshener

As the air passes by the turntable, it spins the aroma-infused discs.

Record Player Air Freshener

The retro design will take music lovers back to the days of classic rock, disco, jazz, or your favorite genre.

The fragrances are said to be long-lasting, but who cares about that? I would have these spinning even when the aroma is long gone!

Record Player Air Freshener

If the refillable discs are important to you, you can easily get the refillable discs HERE.

In the meantime, rock on!  We’ll see you on the road!

Where to Buy the Record Player Air Freshener

Retro Record Player Air Freshener For Cars
Retro Record Player Air Freshener For Cars
Aromatherapy Diffuser Vent Clip With 3 Fragrance Discs

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