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High-Tech Reevo Bicycle Brings Style, Safety, And Security To Biking


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The Reevo Bicycle Ushers in the Newest Breed of eBikes by Focusing on Safety, Convenience, and Stylish Functionalities!

The team at Beno (Be Innovated) Technologies has worked tirelessly for the last four years designing, testing, and perfecting the Reevo Bicycle, dubbing it the “Tesla of E-Bikes.” 

In a statement from Beno CEO Alec Lim, “As active e-bikers, we aim to solve the main problems faced by electric bike users while keeping a clean, sleek, and functional design.”

Say Hello to Reevo eBikes, the Coolest, Most Secure on the Market!

The Reevo Bicycle is the new benchmark in the world of modern electric biking, with engineering expertise in their world-class triple-barrier bike security, lightweight core, hubless wheels, and stealthy finish.

Fully equipped with a state-of-the-art electric drivetrain among its many features, each ride with the Reevo bicycle is sure to leave you feeling as secure as possible. 

What are the features of the Reevo eBike?

Reevo Bicycle The Hubless Electric Bike

The Reevo electric bike brings a plethora of high-tech features and accessibility to its users—including a multitude of electronic options, as well as easy-to-use tools on its exterior. 

Powering the Reevo hubless bike is a 750w motor with Class 2 throttle and pedal assist that can allow riders to reach speeds of up to 25mph while using the power of its 48V, 10.5Ah battery with a 3-hour charge time.

You can also charge on the go, using the USB charge port located near the rear of the electric bike.  

Riding at night? Not a problem with the Reevo Electric Bike!

With its built-in ambient light sensor detecting darkness, this electric bike automatically produces a bright 800 lumen-rated LED headlamp and tail light, as well as a built-in illuminated turn signal on its rear tire. 

How Secure is Your Reevo Hubless Electric Bike?

Aiming to avoid the statistic of nearly 2 million bikes stolen each year, one of the most incredible features of the Reevo Bike is its one-of-a-kind anti-theft system. 

Keys have become a thing of the past, thanks to the high-tech biometric authentication scanner—recognizing only YOUR fingerprint, making it virtually theft-proof!

When parked, an advanced wheel locking mechanism located within the Reevo’s frame renders this electric bike immobile and nullifies any attempts at potential tampering with bolt cutters, or any other sorts of tools.

How can I Keep my Reevo Bicycle Secure with the Reevo App?

There'S Even More Ways You Can Take A Breath And Feel Calm About Your Bike'S Safety, Thanks To The Reevo App Which Can Be Found On Both Apple And Android App Stores!

There are even more ways you can take a breath and feel calm about your bike’s safety, thanks to the Reevo App, which can be found on both the Apple and Android App Stores!

When physically away from your Reevo hubless electric bike, housed within its frame is a discreet, yet vigilant microchip used for consistent scanning of nearby motions and will alert your phone should anyone or anything get too close, activating a potential theft alert. 

Additionally, the Reevo app offers a fully functional GPS module with a tracking system and an accurate geofence that’ll allow you to locate your Reevo E-Bike anywhere in the world!

You WILL need a functioning SIM Card in order to access the GPS system properly.

The Reevo Hubless eBike is crowdfunding their project on Indiegogo and you can SAVE OVER $1000 with UP TO 35% OFF on several options while it lasts!

Where to Buy the Reevo Bicycle

Reevo: The Hubless E-Bike
Reevo: The Hubless E-Bike
Style, security & safety for the modern urban cyclist.

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