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Restflix Sleepscapes Calm Minds For Fast Sleep & Better Rest


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Forget Netflix! Binge on Restflix When Trying To Fall Asleep!

Restflix is an evidence-based streaming service aimed at helping you rest and sleep by using binaural beats and attentively designed calming sleepscapes to delicately soothe users into a fruitful deep sleep.

Binaural beats are audible illusions created by your brain when listening to two tones of slightly differing frequencies.

Your brain translates this beat as its own in what is called the frequency-following effect.

Restflix Sleepscapes Calm Minds Fast Sleep Better Rest

When your brain “tunes in” to the binaural beat while listening, the beat triggers a brainwave activity slow down.

The result is an increase in melatonin output that helps regulate your sleep.

If Restflix was just another app with some cool relaxation music there would not be much uniqueness to it and it would not be worth our time to write this article.

However, there is so much more to this subscription than just sound.  The relaxation techniques are multifaceted.

The thousands of hours and 21 channels of content come in categories of bedtime stories, kids, dark screen music, and sleep meditation.

In addition to the sound features, the relaxing streaming app provides creatively designed visual night scenes to further assist in resting until you are asleep.

You can even connect your device to Bluetooth and listen through these extremely comfortable Nightbuds.

RestFlix Relaxing Interface

The iOS and Android compatible app has a streamlined interface similar to standard streaming apps.

Restflix Sleepscapes Calm Minds Fast Sleep Better Rest

A search bar provides a place to search for your favorites or you can use the side scroll bar to skim categories and content.

21 premium channels are provided that are super easy to tune to for relaxing videos.

RestFlix Cost

The app compatible with mobile devices, TVs, & desktops, costs less than your average streaming app and if you are even remotely a regular user it will be well worth the subscription price.

After the 7 day Free Trial you can access the premium content by subscribing to their monthly subscription of $7.99 per month which works out to be about $95 dollars per year.

You can save around 48% of that through the annual billing of $59.99

Click our link below to learn how you can Save 20% subscription and download the app to your TV, mobile device, desktop, or other devices.

Where to Buy RestFlix

Restflix Sleepscapes
RestFlix Sleepscapes

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