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The Robbox Drill Is The Ultimate Futuristic Smart Drill

The Robbox Drill is All you Never had in a Cordless Drill with Futuristic Improvements from Your Old Cordless!

Robbox Drill is a premium drill powered by a digital brushless motor that will revolutionize DIY projects and alot more.   The smart Robbox xDrill has got you covered in the areas of measuring, laser leveling, smart speed control, digital drill point accuracy, and that is just the beginning.

Don’t go throwing away your tape measures and levels just yet.  You will need those for other parts of your project.  However, if you are drilling, the Robbox Drill is likely all you will need to take from your tool box.  So, your old drill is just gonna have to get used to collecting dust.

There is a lot to unpack with the impressive Robbox Smart Drill.  We can start with the laser measuring.  The smart xDrill comes with lasers on the top and bottom of the drill.

Using the dual laser accuracy to measure from side wall to floor gives you complete precision when drilling holes.  The tape measure and marker can stay in the tool box.If you are looking for great gifts for DIYers, don’t forget to check out our post on the Leatherman Skeletool CX Multi Tool!

How to Use the Robbox Smart Drill

On the back of the Robbox Drill is a touch screen with multiple settings that make this cordless drill the ultimate tool.   When using the dual lasers, your measurements will display on the touch screen with triangulated accuracy.

Using the digital touch screen, you can have total command of the Robbox Drill.  For example, the depth control lets you set exactly how deep you want to drill the hole.  When you have reached that depth, the drill stops preventing over penetration.

Digital leveling displays a real time bubble level so you can keep drilling with pinpoint exactitude.  Double tap the the touch screen display, while drilling at an angle, and the Robbox Smart Drill saves the slope to seamlessly replicate multiple holes.

Automatically adjust your speed and torque settings based on the material you are drilling and size of drill bit right from the Robbox Drill’s digital display.  Simply scroll through the materials and bit sizes and the xDrill does it all for you.

Too much of a DIYer for all this automation, no worries, you can just make manual adjustments to the speed and torque.

The Robbox Drill will give you drill speeds between 600rpm and 2000rpm so there is plenty of speed for any project.  It also comes with a 21v lithium battery that only takes 45 minutes to charge.

But just in case you ARE a tech geek, you can save all of your measurements in the Robbox Mobile App and even track the Robbox Smart Drill and lock it, rendering the cordless drill useless while stolen.  These along with other settings give your full control at the drill or your smartphone.

Where to Buy the Robbox Smart Drill

Robbox Smart Drill
Robbox Smart Drill
$328.00 $437.00

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