RocketFire Torch Lights Your Fire In Seconds


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Accelerate Your Fire Starting to the Speed of a Rocket

RocketFire fire starter is a torch-like attachment to fuel canisters that eliminates the need for matches, kindling, and liquids…just aim and fire.

Lighting a firepit, fireplace or campfire has never been easier thanks to RocketFire.

Keep your family and friends warm and happy this winter with the newest technology for outdoor fires.

No more eating food that tastes like fuel or smells like smoke after a night of cooking.

Rocketfire Lights Your Fire In Seconds

Choose the flame type that suits your needs for even lighting or the 10″ flame for a sizzling restaurant quality finish to your meal.

All you have to do is connect the base of the torch lighter to a hand-held CGA600 camping style propane canister or use a Map/Pro CGA600 canister for an extra boost.

Once you have connected your fuel force, simply place the Tri-Flame tip at the base of the charcoal or wood bed and pull the trigger.

Open circular ports bend the flame at three 60° angles forming a triple flame head that spreads further than any other fire starter available.

Rocketfire Torch Lights Your Fire In Seconds

The fire torch throws flames outward at 25,000 BTUs and 2000°F through the circular torch ports lighting your fire quicker than you can grab your beer.

The durable fire starter has a carbon fiber handle with brass tubing and a stainless steel Tri-Flame Cone Tip.

Rocketfire Lights Your Fire In Seconds

The roaring RocketFire eliminates the wait of your logs catching the full flames of that ripped up paper or cardboard you have in the garage.

With the fastest lighting times on the market you can save yourself the 20 minute wait and get your BBQ or firepit going in seconds.

Order the fastest fire starter on the market today and start lighting up the night!

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Fastest Fire Starter on the Planet

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