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Rub Away Stainless Steel Soap Bar Rids Odors & Never Melts


The Rub Away Stainless Steel Soap Bar is a Unique Twist on Traditional Bar Soap with Great Benefits.

I was in the shower today, and was wondering how cool it would be to find a soap that would last forever and never have to be replaced.  So I started to do a little research and found this little gem.

The Rub Away stainless steel soap bar is composed of ultra lightweight stainless steel that replaces the usual messy melting bar soaps.

The brushed metal soap was originally intended to rid odors from your hands while cooking with onions, garlic and other pungent ingredients.  But, there is so much more to it.

How does a stainless steel soap bar work?

It may seem like sorcery or magic, but it is actually more scientific.  When you touch the Rub Away stainless steel soap bar, the molecules in the steel bind with the stinky sulfuric molecules on your skin then transfer the smelly from your hand to the steel.

Now you can pretend it’s magic and yell, PRESTO!  The pungent smell of garlic, onions, or fish are now removed from your hands.  Then just rinse the bar and it’s ready to go again.

How to use the stainless steel soap bar?

Using the Rub Away stainless steel soap bar is simple.  Use it as if it is a regular bar of soap.

But, in case you need the run down, just run the bar and your hands under water like you would any other soap for approximately 30 seconds.

Only now there is no oily residue or chemicals to dry out your hands.  Rinse the bar, dry your hands and your done.

The Rub A Way bar always keeps it’s form and never has to be replaced.

Does a stainless steel soap bar work?

Simply, yes it does.  With over 1800 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating, it’s hard to argue that it doesn’t.

Although it was originally intended for kitchen use, my research has revealed several other great uses for this type of “soap.”

The Rub A Way stainless steel soap bar is useful after a good work out in the gym.

Freshen up in the locker room by just running some water over the bar and scrub the stinky spots like your arm pits before you leave.

When your done, just rinse and dry the bar and toss it in your gym bag.  No more soap slimy travel boxes or ziplock bags.

Do you work with animals, like to go fishing, or occasionally have to remove a stinky dead mouse from the trap?

The Rub Away stainless steel soap bar does not contain any chemicals that would be harmful to animals and is very effective in removing the harsh smells animals can leave on your skin.

Do you suffer from Hyperhydrosis or other body odor disorders? Others have successfully used the metal soap bar to effectively remove their strong body odor.

Where to Buy the Rub Away Stainless Steel Soap Bar

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