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Rubber Dockie Floating Mat Is The Ultimate Water Party Pad

The Versatile Rubber Dockie Water Mat is the Ultimate Water Play Pad Or Floating Bar!

The lightweight Rubber Dockie floating water pad is tear resistant and mold and mildew free for easy use and storage every time.  Just roll out the floating fun pad in any pool, lake, river, or even the ocean and let the fun begin.

The Rubber Dockie water mat comes complete with a 12 feet elastic bungee tether that keeps you connected to docks, boats, or other stationary objects to keep your fun from floating away.

The floating fun pad is also brightly colored to be easily seen in high traffic areas.

The Rubber Dockie mat is constructed with a TUFF HIDE outer layer that provides surface protection from the hard wear of everyday use and helps to repel dirt and grime.

The tear stop inner matrix prevent lacerations and punctures from becoming full length.  The closed cell foam prevents mold and mildew build up for quick use and storage.

Whether you use it for a diving dock for the kids, a water float to catch the rays, or a floating bar, the floating water pad will enhance your outdoor water enjoyment for anyone.

Where to Buy the Rubber Dockie Floating Water Pad

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