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Samsung Balance Mouse: An Anti-Productivity Computer Mouse?


The Samsung Balance Mouse Forces More Life and Less Work…or at least it tries to.

Maybe balancing your time between work and home life isn’t as hard as you thought.  The conseptual Samsung Balance Mouse tries to push you toward home life by escaping your work hands.  So yes, Samsung has conceptualized an anti-productivity mouse that flees when it is time to end the day.

Remember, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” at least that is what Jack Torrance in The Shining says.

Initially, the Samsung Balance Mouse appears to be a simple computer peripheral to click your life away.  However, when the clock strikes the time to walk away the mouse comes to life, as its ears stand up and it steps aside when you let go of it.

Not quite done working yet?  Go ahead try to work again with the mouse in anti productivity mode!  The mouse throws a temper tantrum, its eyes turn red, and it escapes its outer shell to a hidden crevice, insisting you leave your work for tomorrow.  This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase travel mouse.

The concept seems silly at first, but, maybe, it is just a cute way to remind those of us who can’t walk away that there is always another day.

The Samsung Balance Mouse developed with advertising agency INNORED and design studio BKID is not yet an available product.    If and when it is, we will have it available here the second it comes out.  Below are our best guesses on the best places to find it.  We all know a little more encouragement to maximize home life is never a bad thing.

Look For the Samsung Balance Mouse

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