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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Smartphone Changes The Shape Of The Future


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Smartphone is Made With Revolutionary Flexible Glass

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a smartphone that can fold to a smaller size that fits in your pocket.  With it’s flex glass, stand alone camera, and all day dual battery, it very well may change the future of smartphones as we know it.

The Galaxy Z Flip is equipped with a Dynamic AMOLED screen that provides an unbelievable color quality with reduced blue light.  You can enjoy amazingly clear cinematic videos on the 6.7 inch Infinity Flex screen.

The ultra thin Samsung glass screen allows for infinite folding while maintaining an epic screen flat screen view when the phone is extended.  The hide-a-way hinge allows you to adjust the fold angle for video chatting, while the built in sweeper technology prevents dirt and dust build up for a smooth fold every time.

Fold the phone halfway to set the top half for video calling and the bottom half to access your apps.  You can also use multiple apps with Multi Active Window that allows for two apps at once.

Get your notifications even when your phone is folded shut.  The external notifications allow you view your information on the exterior of the phone and swipe to have that app open when you unfold your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s camera allows you to take advantage of long exposure shots that morph into your own personal work of art.  Stand the phone like a tripod to capture brilliant night colors with the Night Hyperlapse feature.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has an intelligent dual battery to keep you flipping and folding all day long no matter your schedule.

Samsung ensured there were enough styles to fit every taste.  The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip comes in three enhanced and impossible to ignore color shifting exteriors; Black Mirror, Purple Mirror, and Gold Mirror.

The Samsung flex phone comes with a camera available up to 12mp, Bluetooth 5.0, a 7㎚ 64-bit Octa-Core Processor and 8GB of Ram with 256GB of internal storage.

Where to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Smartphone

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