Sandwich Decruster and Sealer 1 Step To Delight Picky Eaters


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Children and Crust Cynics Alike will Love the Sandwich Decruster and Sealer!

The Sandwich Decruster and Sealer easily discards the crust from your sandwich and seals the flavor!

We all have our food quirks, whether it is eating one thing at a time on your plate, or eating pizza with a fork.

Some might like holding a hardshell taco to their mouth while pushing their finger through it shoving the contents in their mouth like a bulldozer.

After all it’s not what’s right anymore, it’s what is right for you!  To heck with table manners!

There are others who simply just can’t stand the bread crust.  No matter how you offer it or dress it up, it is still crust.

If your child or picky family member balances their daily nutrition on whether or not they have to put in the extra effort of chewing and swallowing the yucky crust, you now have a leg up on them.

Sandwich Decruster And Sealer

Fill these cute and yummy pockets with PB&J, egg salad, tuna salad, or whatever else you’re finicky inscrutable family member is in the mood for!

Then place the sandwich under the Sandwich Decruster and push the blue frame to seal and cut the crust.

Just like that, the excuses not to eat your sandwiches have disappeared!  They are left with a sealed pocket sandwich with nothing but tasty goody inside.

That’s right they will never have to face the pressure of chewing that bland-tasting brown stuff on the outside again!

In addition, you can get them to eat on the go as well!

Sandwich Decruster And Sealer

The Sandwich Decruster and Sealer is super portable as it only measures 4″ x 4″ and can easily be packed and taken camping or on a picnic outing.

This larger frame doesn’t waste as much bread as smaller ones and the sandwich decruster is simple to clean; simply put it in the dishwasher after each use.

The sandwich cutter and sealer is tough enough to be on either the top or bottom rack, depending on your preference.

Sandwich Decruster and Sealer Video

Where to Buy the Sandwich Decruster and Sealer

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