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Sanitary Shopping Cart Handles To Keep You Safe And Virus Free


These Snap On Shopping Cart Handles are a Perfect Way to Stay Germ Free While Shopping

Let’s face it, other than a hospital, the grocery store is probably the most contaminated place you can be.

These shopping cart handles will keep you from touching common surfaces such as your cart handle and shopping bags.

I was at my local grocer the other day and even in these times of staying at home, he said they were still getting up to 10,000 customers a day.

That is a crazy amount of people touching common surfaces.

One sanitary way to shop for groceries is with these ingenious shopping cart handles that keep your hands away from the cart handle.

These shopping cart handles are designed to fit most grocery and pharmacy shopping carts.

Simply, hook the pair of handles into your shopping cart and use the handles to steer your cart.

When you need to place items in your cart, the handles will stay in place.

When your done shopping, the shopping cart handles easily convert to perfectly balanced shopping bag hooks to tote your groceries hands free.

These germ free Shopping Cart Handles are made of high quality HDPE plastic, which is non-porous, food-safe.

The edges are rounded for ergonomic use, are dishwasher safe for cleaning when you are done, and easy to store.  They come as a set of 2 per order.

The sanitary cart handles are a great asset during the current pandemic or you just can’t stand the nastiness of some!

If you think of it, they are the antiviral cart handles going viral!

You can also check out this wearable ionizing air purifier to maintain clean air in a 3ft personal space zone.

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