Scary Peeper The Original Peeping Tom Halloween Prank


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He’s Back!  The Scary Peeper is Ready for the Scare of Your Life, Are you?

The Original Scary Peeper hangs on windows and mimics a “Peeping Tom” with eerily realistic features that will scare the life out of your prank victims.

Sure, we can get frightened by ghosts, ghouls, and goblins, but those can easily be dismissed.  What really scares us is the reality of things that lurk in the night.

This creepy peeping tom has an evil look on his face and cups his hands around his face to get a better look into the most private spaces of your home.

This guy is the stuff nightmares are made of. His lifelike size, realistic eyes, and fabric hoodie make it impossible to tell a prank from reality at first sight.

Scary Peeper Peeping Tom Hallween Prank

The Scary Peeper works great for looking into or out of your home. 

Hang him on the passenger side of your card door while in the garage, or allow him to lurk outside of an upstairs window to creep or peep on neighbors.

The scary options are endless.

Simply hang indoors or outdoors on any window using the suction cup hangar and scare your friends, family, co-workers, or your neighbor’s kids to death.

Scary Peeper The Original Peeping Tom Halloween Prank

The Scary Peeper is the perfect prank for Halloween parties and works great hanging outside the bathroom window to scare your party guests when they expect the most privacy.

If you want to add an even more creepy element to the prank, check out the Scary Peeper with Window Tapper to make sure you get their attention.

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